The mission "A-Bonus: Gradual Infiltration" is the first bonus mission in the game. Like all other bonuses, it can only be unlocked by collecting all the Boos in Gloomy Manor. The bonus missions will have Luigi going around the various rooms of the respective mansion, and capturing ghosts, very similar to mission E-5 "Paranormal Chaos". Even though these missions do not have a time limit, Luigi still aims to be speedy, as it will increase his score.

These missions do not have any Boos to collect.

Luigi while sucking up a Greenie and a Slammer in the Lobby

For the gem locations, go here.

Mission Blurb

"We have an...interesting situation. The Parascope is picking up mild paranormal signals in the manor. I'm sending you in to investigate."

Starting Dialogue

"Hey, youngster. We've got an unexpected development at the Gloomy Manor. Just when we thought it was finally free of ghosts, the Parascope picked up more paranormal signals. It's got to be ghosts, but I have no idea where they're coming from! In any case, they're probably up to no good, so we need to capture them. I'll pixelate you back to Gloomy Manor, and we'll take it from there. Sound good? No? Well...think of it as character building. OK, off you go!"

Mission Goals

Overall Goal

  • A group of ghosts have returned to the Gloomy Manor! Catch all of the ghosts as quickly as possible.

Other Goals

  • Capture all the ghosts as soon as possible!


"Alright Luigi. I've got a reading on the ghosts. Check your map." After E. Gadd tells you where the ghosts are, it's your job to capture them. Since the rooms with ghosts in them are randomized, one should just follow E. Gadd's map and capture ghosts from there. Luckily, the mansion is free from all the webs that were burned in A-5, so running around the mansion is no trouble. After capturing the ghosts, E. Gadd calls saying: "That'll do, Luigi!" Then he'll comment on how well you did. "Anyhoo, let's bring you back!"

After Mission Dialogue

"Glad you made it back safely, Luigi! There were more ghosts up there than I originally anticipated."

"Those ghosts were no match for you, young feller. No match at all. But don't get too confident, son. You can't afford to let your guard down with all these ghosts about. Anyhoo... I still have no idea what triggered the ghost resurgence. The scientific method doesn't exactly apply to paranormal phenomena, you know. That said, there's no mystery that science can't eventually solve!"


  • The music on the bonus missions is a remixed version of the Library piano, when the Poltergeist is playing, fit to set the theme of the mansion.
  • All bonus missions are named like this: (Adjective) + Word that starts with "I".
  • All the bonus missions spell out GHOST