Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Purple Puncher; Blue Twirler; Red Grabbing Ghost; Garbage Can Ghost; Gold Ghost
Boo UnderBoo

The Armory (Japanese: 甲冑の部屋 Armor and Helmet Room) is a room cleared by Luigi in the fourth area of Luigi's Mansion.


Luigi entered the Armory to find that it, like all the other rooms in the mansion, was dark and lifeless. No ghosts were to be seen however, so the plumber explored the room further. Opening a chest in the back wall revealed a Purple Puncher. Luigi sucked this ghoul up into his Poltergust 3000. Another Purple Puncher was hiding in another chest. Luigi started tapping on the various suits of armor in the room revealing a Blue Twirler, a Red Grabbing Ghost, a Garbage Can Ghost, and a Gold Ghost. These ghosts proved no match for the heroic Mario brother, and he managed to capture every single one. The Armory was illuminated, and Luigi secured the Key to the Pipe Room.

The Armory contains many suits of armor, which can hit Luigi with their clubs if he stands in front of them. The room also contains five chests, three of which contain treasure. Many crates can be found in the room as well. A covered mirror sits on the north wall.

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