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Balcony (2F)

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Balcony (2F)
2F Balcony
Area Area One
Floor 2F
This article is about the Balcony on the 2F. For information about the Balcony on the 3F, see Balcony (3F).

The Balcony (Japanese: バルコニー Balcony) is a small terrain on the second floor of Luigi's Mansion. It is a minute area and it doesn't serve any real purpose, besides for being a save point. This is probably because all that is on it is just a Toad who can save the player's progress and data. Severel plants are here that Luigi can squirt with water, however. It can only be accessed through the Wardrobe Room.


Note that the Graveyard can be seen from the small Balcony, but not in much detail. One can only see Bogmire's headstone and one or two gravestones. It can also be seen from the Boneyard, but like the Graveyard, not to much detail. Finally, the Balcony can be seen from the hole in the window of the Master Bedroom. However, from the Master Bedroom, one can mainly only see Toad jumping up and down.

Ghosts in The Balcony (2F) during the blackout

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