This article is about the Balcony on the third floor of Luigi's Mansion. For information about the Balcony on the second floor, see Balcony (2F).
Balcony (3F)
Area Area Three
Portrait Ghosts Boolossus
Floor 3F

The Balcony (Japanese: バルコニー Balcony) is a place found by Luigi in the third area of Luigi's Mansion.


After Luigi collected 20 Boos, he was able to go out onto the Balcony. Once on the Balcony, Luigi found a large ring of Boos out in the center. As the plumber approached the center, the Boos formed a ring around Luigi and circled around him before morphing into one enormous Boo, known as Boolossus. To fight him, Luigi had to first break apart Boolossus on the sharp horns of the Pegasus statues placed on either end of the arena. He then had to suck up an Ice Elemental Ghost and fire Ice Elements at the single Boos flying around. This froze them and the ghost-hunter was able to safely pack them away in the Poltergust 3000. After a while of doing this, Luigi was finally out of peril. A large treasure chest appeared, and Luigi found the blue diamond-shaped Key to Area 4 inside it.

The Balcony is a large open area on the third floor of the mansion, on the north end of the property. There are a lot of plants (which Luigi can water for money) and benches around the edges. There are two large Pegasus statues; one on each side of the Balcony. When the battle starts, they become frozen, allowing Luigi to caputer Ice Elemental Ghosts from them. After the battle, they return to normal rock statues. Many lanterns line the outside of the Balcony as well.

Ghosts in The Balcony during the blackout