A SpaceWorld 2001 screenshot of a Basher scaring Luigi

A Basher is an unused ghost in Luigi's Mansion and was removed for an unknown reason. It only appeared in the beta version of the game.


Bashers look similar to Gold Ghost, are either Pink, or Purple with yellow eyes.

Attack Method

A Basher would sneak up behind Luigi, invisible until close enough. Once then, a puff of smoke will appear, soon followed by the ghost. Text saying, "BAAAAHH!" would appear, causing Luigi to scream, crawl backwards uncontrollably, and have his health cut in half to 50 HP (If you had 100 HP), which would come back to 100 but his health would stay at 50 HP. The Game Boy Horror's purpose at the time of this ghost's development seems to have been for this specific ghost, as it would indicate when ghosts are nearby and this ghost is really the only one that the function would be useful for.


  • The Basher would eventually become the Yellow Bowling Ghost in the final game.
  • The Basher is most likely the ghost that inspired the Sneaker from Luigi's Mansion 2, as they both have the same basic function-- scaring Luigi, except the sneaker does not hurt him in the process.

  • The Basher's attack is called EnFrighten.