This article is about the Bathroom on the first floor of Luigi's Mansion. For information about the Bathroom on the second floor, see Bathroom (2F).

Bathroom (1F)
Area Area Two
Normal Ghosts White Grabbing Ghosts
Floor 1F

The Bathroom (Japanese: バスルーム Bathroom), is one of the many rooms found by Luigi in the second area of Luigi's Mansion.


When Luigi first entered the room he was immediately attacked by a new type of ghost called a Grabber. It didn't prove to be too much trouble for the novice ghost hunter, and it was quickly captured, along with another identical ghost. Luigi received the Key to the Ball Room and received a message from Professor E. Gadd giving him a tip on how to fight off the ghosts.

The Bathroom consists of a sink with a mirror, a bathtub, and a shelf where the key appears to the Fortune teller Room.

Ghosts in The Bathroom

  • Two Grabbing Ghosts (10 HP each)

Ghosts in The Bathroom in the PAL Hidden Mansion

  • Three Grabbing Ghosts (20 HP each)

Ghosts in The Bathroom during the blackout