This article is about the Bathroom on the second floor of Luigi's Mansion. For information about the Bathroom on the first floor, see Bathroom (1F).

Bathroom (2F)
Area Area Three
Portrait Ghosts Miss Petunia
Floor 2F

The Bathroom (Japanese: バスルーム Bathroom) is one of the many rooms found by Luigi in the third area of Luigi's Mansion.


Luigi stepped into the already open Bathroom to no noticeable ghosts. The plumber then noticed a silhouetted shadow of a woman on the curtain of the bathtub. Luigi pulled the curtain back and got quite the surprise, as it was revealed that Miss Petunia had been behind the curtain. The Miss Ghost runner-up started spitting hot water at Luigi, but he sprayed some Ice Element on her. This chilled her to the nonexistent bone and she began to sneeze, exposing her heart in the process. Luigi quickly started depleting her HP. For a model, she was quite strong, but Luigi prevailed, and cleared another room in his search for Mario. Miss Petunia was guarding the Key to the Billiards Room, which Luigi recovered.

The Bathroom on this floor is identical to the one on the first floor.

Ghosts in The Bathroom

Ghosts in The Bathroom during the blackout