Area Gloomy Manor
The Bedroom is a room in Gloomy Manor in Luigi's Mansion 2. Trying to go through the door at the back wall will introduce the player to Trapdoors. Pulling a cord on the left wall and inspecting the hidden bed will have Luigi sit on it. The bed will then bounce Luigi fully onto it, and slam back into the wall, throwing Luigi into the Study. Be aware that Luigi cannot take the secret passage back, and the only way out of the Study is through the fireplace.


It is comprised of screens (which have a gem behind them) , a furnace, some cabinets, and at first seemingly does not have a bed anywhere within the room. However, a cord on the left wall will change this, as the "wall" is actually a bed that can be folded up. There is a fan on the ceiling of the room which becomes of use in Mission A-5 "Sticky Situation", as swinging around the fan with a burning web on it will allow access to the gem behind the screens.