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Some Greenies appearing in the second hour (round) in the Belfry Clock

The Belfry Clock is a room found in the Old Clockworks of Luigi's Mansion 2. It is only reachable during mission C-Boss, where the mission itself will mainly take place. Luigi here will be fighting the Overset Possessor, who this time will possess the giant clock of the mansion and summon ghosts of all types, in order to trying to prevent Luigi from getting another piece of the Dark Moon.


The Belfry Clock appears as a giant clock on top of the tower. It also had a coo coo bird. When the Overset Possessor will reverse the clock hands, the number on the clock disappears, and Luigi will have to replace the numbers by defeating all ghosts appearing in a hour (round), with a total of 12. When Luigi gets to the numers 4, 8 and 12 on the clock respectively, he will face off the Overset Possessor in a one-on-one brawl down the clock.