Bomb Brothers
Biography These identical twin brothers sure have a blast playing around with bombs.
Room ScareScraper boss floors
Life From 250 to 400 (each)

The Bomb Brothers are one of the five types of boss ghosts encountered in the ScareScraper. They can be randomly found on any floor that is a multiple of five, barring on the top floor.


The Bomb Brothers have an identical shape to a Greenie, only having yellow skin instead of green and being much bigger in size. They have much more HP but attack the same way.


N.B.: The Bomb Brothers are always fought in a group of two!

When the Bomb Brothers first appear in battle, they will both be carrying large bombs in their hands. In order to make them vulnerable, the player must shine the Dark-Light Device on them or remove the bomb from their hands. When they drop the bomb, it will have its fuse lit and will explode shortly afterwards, dealing massive damage in a wide area. The Bomb Brothers can also attack by punching the Luigis, dealing 30 HP of damage per hit.


During the battle, the Bomb Brothers will be supported by normal Greenies, Greenies with readily-spawned equipment and finally, Strong Greenies (when one or both of the Bomb Brothers are heavily damaged).


  • Very rarely, one of the Bomb Brothers may pick up something else than a bomb. It will carry that item normally until it drops it.