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Area Area Two
Normal Ghosts Skeleton Ghosts
Portrait Ghosts Spooky

The Boneyard (Japanese: 裏の空き地 Vacant Land of the Back) is one of the three locations in Luigi's Mansion actually located outside of the mansion. It can be cleared by Luigi in the second area.


After extinguishing the flames on the Kitchen side of the Boneyard with the Water Element, Luigi found himself in a grassy lawn. A sleeping ghost dog was inside its doghouse in the northwestern corner of the room. The plumber decided to approach the little shack, which proved to be a mistake. The guard dog, Spooky, chased Luigi throughout the Boneyard, threatening to crush him in his gaping maw, barking and growling all the while. Luigi was spared, however, by a Skeleton Ghost named Mr. Bones arriving, complaining about the noise. Luigi quickly sucked up Mr. Bones, leaving a bone planted in the dirt. Spooky, unable to resist, started licking the bone, revealing his heart. Luigi turned on the Poltergust 3000 and began. When Spooky was captured, the Boneyard brightened somehow.

Luigi noticed some sparkles inside Spooky's doghouse, and decided to investigate with his Game Boy Horror. The result was the plumber being sucked in and deposited inside the Graveyard.

Ghosts in the Boneyard

  • Spooky (100 HP and Portrait Ghost)
  • Mr.Bones(30 HP)
  • Water Elemental Ghost

Ghosts in The Boneyard during the blackout


  • If Luigi waters the bean-like plant once in every Area after Area 1, the sprout will grow into a bud, then a flower, then a pod. One more watering will cause the pod to open revealing many treasures, including one of only two Gold Diamonds in the game. After it's been watered three times, it will produce 30 Coins, 20 Bills, and 2 Gold Bars along with the diamond. The player should note that if Luigi fails or forgets to water it after defeating a boss, the plant will whither and die.
  • One can see the bottom of the Balcony on floor 2 right over the bean-like plant.
  • If one searches the sign with the Game Boy Horror, Luigi will read "Here lies Mr. Bones... Quiet!!", but if one looks at the sign, it's possible to read "Skeleton is buried here". It is unknown why what the sign says and what Luigi reads are different, but it's likely some sort of mistake.
  • The beta version had Purple Punchers and no Skeleton Ghost.
  • The only items of interest in the Boneyard are Spooky's doghouse, a spigot, and a small bean-like plant buried in dirt on the eastern side.
  • Mr Bones is the only non-Portrait or Boss ghost that talks in the entire game. His quote is "Fer the luvva dirt make that yappy dog quiet!" This might imply that Mr. Bones was Spooky's original owner.

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