Carnivorous Plant

A Carnivorous Plant at the Haunted Towers Entrance

Carnivorous Plants are enemies that fist appear frequently in Haunted Towers and then on occasion also in Treacherous Mansion of Luigi's Mansion 2. If Luigi gets too close to them, they will attempt to bite and chew him in their mouth for 10 HP. If Luigi does not try to struggle to escape, it will deal an additional 5 HP for every few moments Luigi will still be stuck. To escape it's grasp, Luigi must struggle by moving in different directions on the Circle Pad. To defeat a Carnivorous Plant, Luigi must find a hitchhiker plant, and lock on to the Carnivorous Plant. Once locked on, Luigi can fire the hitchhiker seed, and the Carnivorous Plant will try to eat it. Upon doing so, it will shrivel up, leaving Luigi with more free space and less distraction. If Luigi does not have a hitchhiker plant available close to him, he can still flash the plant with his Strobulb to stun it for a short period of time, which is useful for getting past it quickly. They often guard areas where Luigi must go to, or may act as an annoyance at certain points of the game.