Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Purple Puncher, Speedy Spirit
Boo Booripedes

The Cellar is a room that can be found by Luigi while exploring during the fourth area in Luigi's Mansion.


Using the Key from the Breaker Room, Luigi can enter the Cellar, where a fence is blocking his way. Working a way around it, the player is able to inspect the various crates and barrels in the room, one of which contains a Purple Puncher. By sucking up the many piles of dirt in Luigi 's way, another Purple Puncher can be discovered. Once both are defeated, the Cellar is brightened and the green-hatted Mario brother receives the Key to the Clockwork Room.


There are some interesting things that can be found in the Cellar, most notably the two shelves inside the room: each shelf has four tiers that can each be inspected for money, and one of the two will always have as well a 50-HP restoring Heart for Luigi. In addition to the shelves, several crates and barrels are placed all around the room. About nine piles of dust are located here, which need to be cleaned every time Luigi wishes to traverse from one end of the room to the other, thanks to a large fence blocking off a direct path. However, underneath two of the dust piles are Gravity Arrows, similar to those in the Tea Room that reverse Luigi's gravity and put him on the ceiling, eliminating the need to vacuum the dust piles. To put Luigi on the ground again, simply walk onto one of the Gravity Arrows on the ceiling.


  • There is a Speedy Spirit hiding in the crate near the entrance. It's behind the fence, but still easy to see and catch because the fence itself isn't very thick.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Chika Sōko
Basement Storehouse