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Cellar (Luigi's Mansion 2)
Area Gloomy Manor
Normal Ghosts Grouchy Possessor

The Cellar is the final room explored of the Gloomy Manor, during mission A-Boss, in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is the arena of the boss fight with the first Possessor of the game, the Grouchy Possessor. The room is covered all over with spider webs, and various items such as barrels and boxes can also be found in the room. Suits of armor also appear in the Cellar to either aid or hinder Luigi's progress with the boss. There is one fan on the ceiling which eventually gets destroyed during the boss battle, as well as several pillars that will fell down during the fight. The one and only time Luigi takes the elevator down to the Cellar, the elevator malfunctions and breaks, preventing further access. The Cellar is made up of one long hallway, and an alcove to the right. As the battle with the Possessor goes on, the Spider Queen will break the walls, allowing Luigi to go deeper into the Cellar. When Luigi defeats the boss, the Spider Queen and her spiders will retreat back into a large crack in the wall.