Ceramics Studio
250px-Ceramics Studio
Area Area Four
Portrait Ghosts Jarvis
Boo TamBoorine

The Ceramics Studio (Japanese: 壷置き場 Vase Storehouse) is an optional room appear in Luigi's Mansion. It can be cleared by Luigi only in the fourth area.


The door from the Armory led to the Ceramics Studio, a room with many ornate jars and vases. As Luigi moved about, enjoying the pottery, Jarvis appeared out of one of them, scolding Luigi for looking at his collection without his permission. Jarvis challenges Luigi to a sort of Whack-A-Mole type game – if Luigi can use Ice Element to freeze him seven times, he'll let Luigi look at the jars and vases. There was no choice. Jarvis locked Luigi in and the game began. Luigi eventually emerged the victor, and Jarvis got angry, flinging his vases at the plumber. Dodging some and sucking up others, Luigi saw an opening and attacked the jar collector. Jarvis had only a medium pull and was soon stuffed in the Poltergust 3000. With the ghost in the dust bag, Luigi received a green treasure chest with many treasures, the most valuable being a Silver Diamond.

The Ceramics Studio contains nine jars and vases, many of which contain treasure. There are four on the north and south walls. The jar near the center of the room is frozen and contains Ice Elemental Ghosts. Some crates and chairs are stacked behind the crafts. In the top right corner of the room is the chimney for the fireplace in the Study, blocked by wooden boards. The room is completely optional towards completing the game.