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The Chalet is a room found inside of the Secret Mine in Luigi's Mansion 2. It can be reached for the first time by Luigi during the events of D-1, by going through the Chalet Approach (the outside area of the Chalet itself).



Luigi inside the Chalet

The Chalet is a pretty big room which contains many unique objects of the mansion, such as the rocking chair and the polar bear rug near the fireplace. It also has two cabinets, a vanity with mirror (where Luigi is able to see ghosts through), a couch, and even a Pixelator as well as a shelf with containers on the right. The fireplace near the polar bear rug can be used as an elevator to the top floor of the Chalet, where the chandelier of the room can be adjusted and some gold can be obtained as well. Last but not least, purple and gold Fuzzballs can be found in this room during every mission of the mansion.