Gold Mouse

A gold mouse coming out from a cheese.

Cheeses are somewhat common items found by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion. They are placed in rooms rather spontaneously. If Luigi selects this cheese with the Game Boy Horror with the A button, a very rare and valuable Gold Mouse will appear.[1] The mouse will then appear whenever Luigi crosses a randomly selected mouse hole, which will be announced by a distinct chime; Luigi can suck this mouse up for lots of money. This cheese appears only in the dark, and resembles a triangular prism with several holes in it, similar to Swiss cheese.


Room Where cheese is located Treasure
Study Behind the desk 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Red Jewel.
Fortune-Teller's Room Behind Madame Clairvoya's chair 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Blue Jewel.
Dining Room Beside Mr. Luggs's chair, on the right. 30 Coins, 15 Bills and 2 Gold Bars.
Tea Room Behind the left table 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Red Jewel.
Safari Room Between the crates and the armchair 30 Coins and 40 Bills.


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