Clockwork Room
Clockwork zone
Area Area Four
Portrait Ghosts Clockwork Soldiers
Boo Booscaster

The Clockwork Room (Japanese: からくり部屋 Mechanism Room) is a room that can be found by Luigi in the fourth area of Luigi's Mansion.


After lighting up the Telephone Room, Luigi proceeded to the Clockwork Room. He saw three big windup soldier ghosts — one was purple, one was blue, and one was green. They were the Toy Platoon, the Clockwork Soldiers. By activating the three clocks in the room, Luigi coaxed the soldiers to life. At first they seemed invincible, but by sucking up the windup key in the back of each one, Luigi revealed the ghosts' weakness. After all three were safely inside his Poltergust 3000, Luigi proceeded to the Roof.

The Clockwork Room is a large room with many items. There are three clocks Luigi can shake to activate. Four chairs, two on each side of the room, are present, as well as a marionette on either side. The Clockwork Soldiers themselves stand in front of three small houses, the middle of which opens to reveal an elevator to the Roof.


  • When Luigi activates the clocks in the rightmost corner of the room, they start playing the game's main theme.
  • The clocks in this room show it's four o'clock (04:00 or 16:00).