A Coin is the most basic and super common treasure that is first found in Luigi's Mansion. There are 1536 coins in Luigi's Mansion, each worth 5,000G. Although they are the most worthless treasure, tied with the Red Diamond, in total they give you 7,680,000G in total, making them 7th most useful if all are collected.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, if Luigi captures a Greenie with normal power, he gets 3 coins as a reward. Coins can be also found in objects like in cabinets, under tables, or if one moves an object.


  • They are worth as much as a Red Diamond.
  • In the beta of Luigi's Mansion, coins would stand up and spin around, similar to the ones in the Mario games.
  • Coins in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon look more like coins from Super Mario games rather than Luigi's Mansion.
  • Their was a fan movement called "No Coin Left Behind", the movement was started because of a statement said by a famous youtuber ChuggaaConroy in his Luigi's Mansion Let's Play