Cold Storage
Area Area Four
Portrait Ghosts Sir Weston
Boo Boolderdash
The Cold Storage (Japanese: 冷凍室 Freezer) is a room found by Luigi in the fourth area of Luigi's Mansion.


When Luigi first enters this room, he captures a Fire Elemental Ghost from the torch lying on the icy floor. It's so cold, if you let Luigi stand there, he will sit and shiver even if Luigi has the fire element. Using it, he proceeds to light the two campfires at the top left corner. This wakes up Sir Weston who complains about the heat. After a hard battle, Luigi manages to capture him inside his Poltergust 3000. The room is lit and Luigi receives the Key to The Artist's Studio.


The Cold Storage is a plain room with few points of interest. There are four frozen crates and two frozen shelves throughout the room and a small campsite, where Sir Weston sleeps. One notable thing is that the entire floor is covered in ice, giving less traction on the ground than in other rooms. The ceiling is covered with stalactites that deal a massive twenty damage.


  • Whenever Luigi obtains the key in this room, he'll start to slide across the floor while the cutscene of the key plays due to the slippery floor, causing less traction. This cannot be prevented nor stopped.
  • After Luigi defeats Sir Weston, the stalactites that fall from the ceiling will disappear and won't reappear.