Area Area Three
Normal Ghosts Flying Fish; Ceiling Surprises; Purple Bombers

The Courtyard (Japanese: 裏庭 Backyard) is an area behind Luigi's Mansion, visited as the first room of Area Three during the events of Luigi's Mansion.


The Courtyard is accessed after defeating Bogmire. When first entering the Courtyard, Flying Fish and (despite there being no ceilings) Ceiling Surprises and Purple Bombers can be found here, but can be sucked up to return the lights to the Courtyard. A Toad can be found nearby in an old cabin. This Toad saves Luigi's progress and tell him to go to the Bottom of the Well. On the way, Luigi inspected a birdhouse, which spat out Mario's Letter, the second item he would need to take to Madame Clairvoya.

The Courtyard has many crooked dead trees spread throughout it. Then (from left to right) there is a statue that looks like Slim Bankshot, a large fountain with plants surrounding it (the plants can be watered for money and hearts), a well which leads to the Bottom of the Well, a birdhouse which has Mario's Letter, an old cabin with a Toad inside it, and another statue. let it be noted that if you clear out all the ceiling surprises the area will become full of light and you will receive a chest

Ghosts in The Courtyard

Ghosts in The Courtyard during the blackout


  • If you say "Goodbye!" to the toad here, he'll say "You're a true Mario brother!," and he'll give out a faintly heard "Mama mia!" Normally, being a true Mario brother should be a positive thing, but it seems this Toad begs to differ, for whatever reason.
  • If near the well, Mario can be heard saying "Hey Luigi, What's the holdup"