Creepers are purple, puddle shaped ghosts who are always smiling. They first appear in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, they are first encountered at the Haunted Towers. They have infinite health and can only be defeated by using charged suction from the Poltergust 5000.


A screenshot of a Creeper in E. Gadd's Vault


When first spotted, creepers appear to be a puddle of purple liquid. If the player uses the vacuum or the darklight device on it, it will spring up to reveal itself. It's a light bulb shaped ghost with "boxing glove" hands and a constant wide grin.


Creepers take the form of a puddle of liquid. If stepped on, the creeper will engulf the player and punch them repeatedly, taking 10 damage with the initial engulfing and 3 damage with each punch. The creeper will assault the player until they die unless they break free by mashing a button. Once the player breaks free, the creeper splits into two smaller versions of itself which wiggle towards either the player to attack them again or towards each other to merge and return to their normal size.


Engulf-encases the player within it's own body and punches them repeatedly 10dmg + 3dmg per second


Primordial Goo

Boss ghost in the ScareScraper. Larger and stronger, but its behavior remains relatively unchanged. Spawns smaller creepers when hit with a charged boost from the Poltergust.


Creepers are spawned from a special varity of Gobber called the Creeper Launcher.

Creepers do not have a stronger form unlike other ghosts because they were not in the Crystal Mine.

An enemy in a popular computer game called Minecraft is also called a Creeper, but they do not look the same.

The Creeper seems to be this games equivalent to Ceiling Surprises, as they both hide until you are close, and have 0 health