Damage describes all ways to harm or to get harmed in Luigi's Mansion. When a ghosts HP falls to 0, Luigi either sucks them up or burns, freeze, etc... them. Every time Luigi attacks with an element, every non-portrait ghost (excluding Boos) will take 5 points of damage. Ghosts take damage 1.5 times faster in the Hidden Mansion (not if attacking with elements). The different ghosts' HP alters from 0 to 500. Luigi's HP is 100, if it falls to 0 Luigi will spin around and collapse. Luigi loses coins when damaged, those coins disappear faster than normal. Luigi can regenerate Health by obtaining Hearts. The HP alter Luigi's voice acting, the way he walks and which frame he gets after a Boss Fight. The damage Luigi takes is doubled in the Hidden Mansion.

Dealing damage to ghosts

  • Sucking them in (can be infinite, depends on how good the player is)
  • Attack with elements (-5 every time, non-portrait ghosts not counting boos only)
    • Luigi can attack masked ghosts this way without removing the mask
    • Gold Mice or Speedy Spirits won't drop money if they're beaten with elements

Ways for Luigi to take damage

  • Getting punched by ghosts
  • Getting dragged over the floor
  • Try to open Fake Doors
  • Try to open doors with spikes
  • Running into a ghost (some will only push Luigi around)
  • Stepping on mice
  • Getting hit by haunted objects
  • Getting hit by a bat
  • Step into fire
  • Trying to suck up the "Monster" poster
  • Standing in the explosion of a bomb
  • Touching an elemental ghost
  • Getting hit by a special doors (e.g. the fridge door)

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