Eerie Staircase is one of the most annoying "rooms" found in Luigi's Mansion 2. It is located in the Haunted Towers, and can be accessed only by going through the big creepy door in the Hollow Tree (mission B-Boss only).


Eerie Staircase is, as the name sais, a huge staircase with lots of dead trees and several spots of foliage. It has twenty flights of stairs in total, with tree stairs per row. Luigi must climb all the stairs in order to get to the Tree House at the top, but he needs to choose every time the right flight, otherwise the stairs will turn into a slope, making him fall all the way to the starting point and fighting either a Sneaker, a Greenie or a Slammer. Luckily for Luigi though, the blue torch of the correct flight will briefly go out whenever he takes the wrong path, showing him the right way to the top of the area. Also, every time Luigi takes the right path, a red torch will permanently light up for future reference.

Short Plot

When Luigi reaches the Hollow Tree, he tries to explore the top area (which is the staircase, along with the tree hourse), but a creepy door blocks it and requires a special key to be opened. After obtaining it in mission B-5, Luigi can finally get over the door and continue his way to the top.


As an annoying room, players can try these tips

  1. When they slip down, people can see the fire were lit out in one staircase, they should follow it, hurry up cause it only last for a while.
  2. After the fire were lit back, if players chose the correct path, the fire will shrink of a staircase, making players know that is the way.
  3. After falling, people can see which torch is lit in red to follow the path.

Also note that every time you play this mission the path will change.