Eerie staircase, one of the most annoying rooms in the haunted towers, accessed in the Hollow Tree, it was very hard to reach the top



  • When Luigi reached the hollow tree, Luigi tried to go in the path, but a door block it and required a special key to open. When Luigi finally got it, he follow the path to the Eerie staircase. And the Harsh Possessor scared him and left. Luigi needs to climb up the stair. When he finally did, he continued his adventure to the Tree House


As an annoying room, players can try these tips

  1. When they slip down, people can see the fire were lit out in one staircase, they should follow it, hurry up cause it only last for a while.
  2. After the fire were lit back, if players chose the correct path, the fire will shrink of a staircase, making players know that is the way.
  3. After falling, people can see which torch is lit in red to follow the path.

Also note that every time you play this mission the path will change.

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