This article is about type of medallion. For information about the kind of ghosts, see here.

Elemental Medals (or just Element Medals, as named in the game) are 3 special medallions found by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion. They give the Poltergust 3000 the ability to absorb and cast elemental spirits. The elements form a triangular relationship: fire melts ice, ice freezes water, and water extinguishes fire. Oddly enough, the ice element seems to be the only element to affect Boos, as demonstrated in Luigi's battle against the boss Boolossus. The other elements are used to defeat ghosts of the opposite element.


Here are the medallions locations:

  • The Fire Elemental Medal is found in the 1F (first floor) Mirror Room.
  • The Ice Elemental Medal is found in the 2F (second floor) Tea Room.
  • The Water Elemental Medal is found in the 1F (first floor) Kitchen.

Elemental Medal Gallery