The Flip Glitch (or also know as the Bootator Glitch) is a glitch found in Luigi's Mansion. To do this, the player has to go in the Tea Room or the Cellar. After that, they have to capture a Boo and, at the same time, get on to the panel that flips Luigi over. If done correctly, Luigi will talk to E. Gadd while hanging upside down. If done while on the ceiling, Luigi will be talking to E. Gadd rightside up, only he's not touching the ground.

A picture taken of the flip glitch in the Cellar.


  • The word "Bootator" at the top of the page is a portmanteau of the words, "Boo" and "rotator".
  • This is the only gravity glitch in the Luigi's Mansion series that has been discovered.

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