Flying fish green

Green Flying Fish

Flying Fish are minor, tiny ghosts that only appear in the Courtyard and Pipe Room
300px-LM Flying Fish

Luigi in front of four pink Flying Fishes

in Luigi's Mansion, and in the Ball Room in the PAL version of The Hidden Mansion. As the name suggests, the purple Flying Fish will pop up in groups and try to hit Luigi, causing five HP of damage for each hit. Like mice, they have no HP (as opposed to zero HP like Ceiling Surprise or Purple Bomber) and can be sucked up easily by the Poltergust 3000. The Flying Fish found in the Pipe Room are identical, except they are green and considerably faster than those found in the Courtyard. They are not exactly enemies so much as distractions because of their low damage, & slow speed, however they can be trouble if you are on low health, or in the middle of sucking up a ghost.