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The Foyer (Japanese: エントランス Entrance) is the entrance to the mansion. When Luigi first explored the mansion and failed to open the Parlor door, a 'gold spirit' dropped the Parlor key in the middle of the Foyer. When Luigi returned with his Poltergust 3000 later on, he found Toad bawling over the disappearance of Mario. Assuring Toad that he would find his brother, the lights permanently turned on, only to be darkened again by the blackout later in the adventure. Oddly enough, Luigi will never encounter any ghosts in the foyer even in the blackout except for the one Golden ghost who gives him the key to the Parlor at the beginning of the game. Princess Peach also gets mentioned here, the only time actually in the game when Toad told Luigi that Peach sent him there to look for Mario. Something worth of mentioning is that Peach will "flip" if Mario was not found meaning Peach returns the loving feeling that Mario has to her. All the mirrors (except for the mirror in the Mirror Room) redirect to this room.

The Foyer is the only room (excluding Hallways) to have two floors. The first floor is blocked by a force field at first and requires a special pink key from defeating Chauncey. The second floor's north doors lead to the Parlor, while the west door leads to the Study, Master Bedroom, Nursery, and The Twins' Room, all home to a member of the Portrait Ghost family.


In the middle of the room, there is a big chandelier. When Luigi steps underneath the middle of it (before defeating Chauncey), it will spin and fall to floor to attack Luigi. Then Luigi can hear Chauncey's laugh.


  • This is the only room in the mansion that has an obstruction that moves and hurts Luigi.

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