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Frozen Pit
Area Secret Mine
Normal Ghosts Shrewd Possessor

The Frozen Pit is a room from Luigi's Mansion 2 in the Secret Mine; it's also where the final mission of the mansion mainly takes place, with Luigi fighting the Shrewd Possessor who possessed frozen ground (ice) and is trying to attack Luigi to prevent him from getting a piece of the Dark Moon. Luigi keeps falling deeper underground due to the Possessor drilling down into the ground while Luigi is falling with him.


The Frozen Pit has three antechambers which are accessed when Luigi destroys all the Ice sheets protecting the Shrewd Possessor and launches a bomb into its mouth. The monster will explode and Luigi and the Shrewd Possessor will face off in a one-on-one brawl down in the antechambers. The antechambers have snow on the floors in varying degrees, making it progressively harder to mave around and dodge the Possessor's attacks due to each chamber giving less traction than the previous one.


  • Because of the Frozen pits' depth and the presence of a Possessor Ghost, there is no map shown for it.
  • E. Gadds voice on the Dual Scream (DS) is very fuzzy and partially static because it is very hard for the signal to reach that far underground.