The Ghost Portrificationizer is a machine invented by Professor Elvin Gadd; it is presented in the game Luigi's Mansion in the Ghost Portrificationizer Room. The machine can turn any ghosts trapped within the Poltergust 3000 into portraits. After the player has completed an area of the game, Luigi would take all of the ghosts that he had captured and turn all of the ghosts into portraits. Each ghost looks different in its frame; each has a different pose, and possibly different frame colors – frame color depends on how many tries it takes to capture a ghost.

Ghost portrificationizer

Luigi and E. Gadd next to the Ghost Portrificationizer

The Ghost Portrificationizer can work backwards; according to the final cinema of the game, Mario was transformed from a portrait back into his human self. The Ghost Portrificationizer has a metal lip that Luigi can attach the Poltergust 3000 to. A blue section of the machine separates the common ghosts from the portrait ghosts. The machine then finishes its process by resizing, squashing, and framing the ghosts. The portraits are then dispensed from the end of the machine, able to be hung in the gallery for later viewing.

Luigi's Mansion 2

E-Gadd has gotten rid of the device by this time, and has sold many of the paintings, which is how King Boo escaped.


  • The music that plays when a ghost is getting portificationized is really the music that plays when Mario is being restored to his normal self (a remix of the main theme from Super Mario Bros.), played backwards.
  • There's a beta photo of 3 ghosts around a table when Mario gets turned back.