Gloomy Mansion Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

The Gloomy Manor, as it looks from the outside

Gloomy Manor is the first mansion that Luigi visits in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This mansion is similar to Luigi's Mansion from the first game, and is a standard, run-of-the-mill haunted mansion, in the middle of a storm. It is somewhat similar in design to the Mansion from the previous game and it is here Luigi acquires the Poltergust 5000, the Strobulb, the Dark-Light Device, and the second Dark Moon piece. The sub-boss is the Poltergeist, and the main boss is the Grouchy Possessor (who is possessing a giant, purple spider), who is found in the Cellar. It has 3 floors and a basement, and features 5 standard missions, a boss mission and a bonus mission which is unlocked after collecting all the Boos in the manor.


Not much is known about the Gloomy Manor besides that it is abandoned. E. Gadd was using this mansion as a workplace with the Greenies before the Dark Moon shattered. During the time E. Gadd spent studying the ghosts he made modifications to the mansion running pipes and wires throughout the mansion. A statue of Professor E. Gadd can be found in the Patio, suggesting that E. Gadd owned the mansion at some point. The music played before the elevator breaks down is the Pause Menu music from Mario Strikers Charged.


Gloomy Manor - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Gloomy Manor - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon