A Gobber

The artwork of a Gobber from Luigi's Mansion 2

"Their appetite is...ah...formidable. With stomachs that lack physical boundaries, they won't hesitate to devour everything around them! Be wary of the puddles"E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion 2

The Gobber is a ghost whose first appearance was in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, during the events of mission B-1. They have 100 HP and their highest observed weight is 45w.


The Gobber is a rotund yellow ghost with big meaty hands for grabbing food and a large gaping mouth for swallowing it. It's bright pink tongue hangs out constantly. Upon close examination, the Gobber appears to be an over-weight, immobile poltergeist (similar color scheme/tail).


The Gobber sits in one place and pelts its targets with balls of goo. After a few goo attacks, it takes a break to shove a food item down its gullet. If the player gets too close, it will lunge forward and slam them with its gut.


Goop-hurls a ball of goo at the player

Gut Slam-slams his gut on the player

Strategy (by Arouteous Fawful)

When capturing a Gobber, strafe around in a circle around it. This will minimize the chance of getting hit by its goo and it will also grant you some degree of avoidance from other ghosts. If facing a Gobber with multiple support ghosts, tackle the support ghosts first as a Gobber will always stay in one spot.

When fighting multiple Gobbers, start vacuuming one of them until the other one spits out goo in such a way that you can't dodge it without the risk of getting hit by something else. When that happens, stop damaging the first one and move over to the other one until the aforementioned scenario happens again, then switch back and forth between the two as the situation demands until they are both defeated.


  • Gobbers are similar to Mr. Luggs because he is a fat ghost from Luigi's Mansion who loves to eat everything.
  • Gobbers are thought to be a reference to Homer Simpson who is from the 25 year old TV Show The Simpsons because they are fat and yellow. But this has never been confirmed by Nintendo and is most likely a fan theory.
  • Large, constantly hungry ghosts are a staple of ghost-related pop culture, most likely originating with Slimer from Ghostbusters.