An Gold Dog Bone while been stealed from Luigi by the Polterpup

The Gold Dog Bone is a treasure that functions like an 1-Up in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, when Luigi loses all his HP. There are 23 Gold Bones in total in the game, and they are worth 200G(s) each.


They are usually found in empty drawers and furniture when Luigi has collected at least 200G beforehand. If Luigi completes the level without using it, it will add 200G to his treasure count. They count as treasure since they will add money to Luigi's treasure count if he keeps them through the whole level.


When Luigi loses all of his HP, the Polterpup arrives and restores all of them in exchange of one of Luigi's Gold Dog Bones; if Luigi doesn't have a Gold Dog Bone, the player will have the Game Over screen.

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