"These greedy Greenies traded their slimy bodies for ones made of molten gold! Can't say I blame them. -E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion 2


Screenshot of a Gold Greenie in E. Gadd's Vault


Gold Greenies first appear in Luigi's Mansion 2 at the Gloomy Manor. Gold Greenies have 20 HP and are found by examining objects or completing mini-puzzles within the game. When a Gold Greenie is captured by Luigi, they will drop Coins, Dollar Bills, and Gold Bars. They are also more rare compared to normal Greenies and Strong Greenies.

Gold Greenies yield 100G by themselves and this will stack with any extra rewards that are generated if they are caught along with another ghost or if caught with a charge of any level from the A-Pull meter.


Gold Greenies are typically encountered in every mansion in every mission. Just like Hiders, they hide in furniture but unlike Hiders, they never show any signs of their presence and are already hidden when entering the room. They remain hidden completely independent of what happens in the room and can only be revealed by examining the object they are hiding in. When discovered, they spring at Luigi, will then fly around the room for about 10 seconds before disappearing and like Speedy Spirits, they do not return unless you replay the mission.

Gold Greenies do not make any attempts to attack Luigi (except for the ones found in the Ice Lake) and are thus harmless.


Screenshot of Gold Greenies holding hockey gear and hockey sticks:


  • The biggest number of Gold Greenies that reside in the same room at a time is 5. They are all encountered in a hidden room in Old Clockworks' basement.
  • Gold Greenies behavior resembles the behavior of a Speedy Spirit from Luigi's Mansion.
  • They were intended to appear in the ScareScraper when playing on solo as a reward for completing each floor but they were ultimately cut during development.
  • In the Beta of Luigi's Mansion 2, they were what is now a normal Greenie in the final game.