Gold Mouse

A (Normal) Gold Mouse leaving its cheese slice

Gold Mice are "scaredy-mouse-like" animal ghosts found in Luigi's Mansion.


There can be found two types of these mice, differing only for the way that Luigi needs to act in order to summon them:

  • (Normal) Gold Mice only pop out once Luigi examines a slice of cheese with his Game Boy Horror, making them run around and around the room for a while before they scurry through the wall.
  • (Random) Gold Mice, instead, can appear in five predetermined rooms or hallways 20%-25% of the time Luigi steps forward into these locations, for a total of ten mice altogether in the mansion.

If Luigi manages to defeat a Gold Mouse by sucking them up before they escape, a large amount of money, larger than the amount of money the Speedy Spirits give, will spray from the blowhole of the Poltergust device, which will include valuable treasure like Gems. These Gold Mice do include a Silver Diamond during the PAL version in the Hidden Mansion mode.


This is a "Gold Mouse List" of where all ten of the Gold Mice can be found in the game, with rooms and their money and coins.

Normal Mice

For information to inspect for these colorful Mice, is needed for the green-capped plumber to scan a slice/piece of cheese (which is "not visible" for the player on the normal camera zoom of the gameplay) with the Game Boy Horror.

Room Where cheese is located Treasure
Study Behind the desk 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Red Jewel.
Fortune-Teller's Room Behind Madame Clairvoya's chair 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Blue Jewel.
Dining Room Beside Mr. Luggs's chair, on the right. 30 Coins, 15 Bills and 2 Gold Bars.
Tea Room Behind the left table 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Red Jewel.
Safari Room Between the crates and the armchair 30 Coins and 40 Bills.

Random Mice

Five of these Mice, although, are found in rooms (or hallways) without any cheese. When the player steps into some specific rooms, there is a 20%-25% chance of a Gold Mouse to pop out. The player must react quickly to catch them.

Room/hallway Treasure
Hallway on 1F (near the entrance of the Fortune-Teller's Room) 30 Coins, 15 Bills and 2 Gold Bars
Kitchen 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Green Jewel.
Tea Room 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Red Jewel.
Hallway on 2F (coming from the Anteroom) 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Blue Jewel.
Sealed Room 30 Coins and 40 Bills.


  • Just like the Speedy Spirit, if one defeats a Gold Mouse with an element, it does not expel money.
  • The Tea Room is the only room which contains two Gold Mice: one found by checking a piece of cheese, and another found randomly.
  • Whereas all Speedy Spirits give Luigi 20 Coins, all Gold Mice give him 30 Coins.
  • The sealed room mouse can be the most tedious as Luigi will have to return to the roof to reenter the room if it doesn't spawn.
  • Note that, unlike the Speedy Spirits, if Luigi does not succeed when he spots the Gold Mouse, he can always exit, enter the room and target the slice of cheese to summon it again.