Good Night!

The "Game Over" screen of Luigi's Mansion

"Good Night!" is the Game Over term in Luigi's Mansion. When Luigi takes a lot of damage until his HP reaches zero, he will end up fainting and lying down on the ground shivering frightfully like as if he was dead or unconscious and the term will then appear. Right after, the game will be taken back to the title screen, and the player's score will be reset back to last saved one. There will be also a specific music once the "Good Night!" screen appears. The beta game over screen shows Luigi, now depressed in the front of the mansion with lightning strikes, however, the "Good Night!" term does not appear.


The music that is heard when the Good Night screen pops up is the following:


  • Strangely enough, Luigi's eyes are still opened and he can still blink when he lies on the floor.
  • Most people found the beta screen kinda scary for a Nintendo game.