Grabbing ghosts

All four types of Grabbing Ghosts.

Grabbing Ghosts (also known as Grabbers or Grabber Ghosts) are a species of ghost found in Luigi's Mansion. They're usually found in groups of their own kind. They attack by grabbing hold of Luigi from behind and squeezing him. The player must shake the Control Stick rapidly to throw off a Grabbing Ghost. The faster it is shoken, the less damage the ghost can cause.


The weakest Grabber Ghost is white, and may be a little bit pink, and has 10 HP, while all other types have twenty. This type cannot damage Luigi, but will still attempt to grab him, leaving him vulnerable to attacks from another ghost. Red Grabbing Ghosts will damage Luigi from five to thirteen points of damage, letting go if the plumber takes the maximum amount of damage. Turquoise Grabbing Ghosts, called Mirror Ghosts, can become completely invisible to the naked eye (unless Luigi stuns one with his flashlight). Luigi had to improvise to beat these Grabbing Ghosts by spotting their reflections in a mirror in the Mirror Room. Another hint to their location is a small puff of dust that appears when they materialize. Later, Purple Grabbing Ghosts, called Cinema Ghosts, would appear, whom Luigi had to detect via their silhouette cast by a projector on a movie screen in the Projection Room. They too can be seen by dust. The latter two types are otherwise identical to the red type. All of these ghosts can be hurt by any element as well.