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Guard Hall
Area Gloomy Manor
Normal Ghosts Possessed Armor and Spiders

The Guard Hall (also called Guarded Corridor) is a room inside the Gloomy Manor in Luigi's Mansion 2, it is just north of the Entrance and is one of the first rooms you see in the game.


It's a very long, narrow pathway with tall suits of armor that try to attack Luigi by swinging their swords at him. If Luigi is hit by a sword, he will lose 20 HP. To avoid the knights from attacking you, just run past them and avoid standing or getting near them. Sometimes a Mouse will appear from inside the walls too. Once Luigi is past the Guard Hall, he will be in the Foyer.


  • In Mission A-3, some of the suits of armor are invisible due to the Spirit Balls, once Luigi uses the Dark-Light Device to make them visible again, he will be awarded 235G.

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