Guest Room
Guest Room
Area Area Four
Portrait Ghosts Sue Pea
Boo Boonita
Floor 2F

The Guest Room (Japanese: 来客用寝室 Guest Bedroom) is a room that can be found by Luigi in the fourth area of Luigi's Mansion.


Following the door from the Sitting Room, Luigi saw a little ghost girl snoozing in the bed. This was Sue Pea and she warned Luigi not to wake her up. Only thing was, the bed, and the entire room for that matter, was upside-down. Luigi was walking on the ceiling and the bed was above him. By examining Sue Pea's heart, Luigi could see that she was trying very hard not to wet the bed.

By using some Water Element he had gotten in the previous room, Luigi sprayed a steady stream of water at the dozing girl. She appeared to wake up, but went right back to sleep. Luigi sprayed her twice more, and Sue Pea began throwing her dolls at the plumber. Luigi managed to avoid the attack and suck up the dolls with his trusty vacuum and then went after Sue Pea herself. The ghost had only a weak pull, and Luigi bagged her easily. The Guest Room brightened and a treasure chest appeared on the floor. However, the floor was still above the ghost-hunter. After finding no feasible way to retrieve the chest, Luigi exited the room. As soon as he did, he heard the entire mansion shake and rattle. When Luigi opened the door to the Guest Room again, he found the room had righted itself, and Luigi could now open the chest, which contained a Silver Diamond among many other treasures, including a Gold Bar.

Guest Room Upside-down

The Guest Room upside-down


  • The Guest Room contains quite a few objects of note. First, there is a vanity on the west wall that serves as a warp to the Foyer. The bed takes up much of the eastern half of the room, and there is a nightstand beside it. Behind the bed is a plant that can be watered for a Blue Jewel. It also, strangely, was the only room in the mansion to have a picture of a cat, along with a picture of two puppies.
  • It's unknown how the room get right side up.