Haunted Towers Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

The Haunted Towers, as they look from the outside

The Haunted Towers are the second mansion that Luigi goes to in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to find the third Dark Moon piece. This mansion, besides being built around a giant oak tree, has a greenhouse-like theme, which can be compared to the forest worlds of the mainstream Mario games. The Mansion contains six floors and a basement, making it the tallest in the game. Luigi meets a Toad assistant here. The mini-bosses are the Three Sisters in the graveyard, and the main boss is the possessed stairs at the top of the mansion.


The Haunted Towers were abandoned for some time and was used as a greenhouse before being abandoned, but the whole areas started getting infested with plants and started to fall apart. Everything in the mansion runs off a Hydro Generator within the mansion. The Haunted Towers were owned by The Three Sister's as three portraits of women can be found in the Family Room, toys for a child in the Rumpus Room and a Bedroom in the west tower. For some unknown reason there is a large graveyard behind and under the mansion.


Haunted Towers - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Haunted Towers - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon