A Hider, as it appear in Luigi's Mansion 2

"These clever fellows love playing hide-and-seek. A bit impatient, though, so if you take too long to find them they'll start throwing things at you! Stay on your toes!"'"E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion 2

Hiders are long-ranged ghosts appearing in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Their currently heaviest observed weight is 11w, and their main attack is throwing items at Luigi from afar. They have 15HP and are usually encountered in pairs, serving as long-range support when fighting ghosts like Slammers or Gobbers.


Hiders are thin, lanky blue ghosts with a pointed head and a long, tapering tail.


When a Hider spawns, it will turn invisible and look for the nearest piece of furniture that is not already occupied by another Hider after which it will fly over to that furniture piece and dive into it. While hiding inside something, the Hider is immune to damage but can be revealed by examining the object. If Luigi starts vacuuming up a ghost, the Hider appears and will attempt to snipe Luigi from afar by throwing an object towards him. After about three unsuccessful throws, the Hider will change positions and fly to another object to hide in. When attempting to catch a Hider, Luigi must be quick since the Hider is the second fastest ghosts in the game (behind the Possessor ghosts).


Hide-dive into an object, making it invulnerable until revealed

Snipe-Throws an object towards the player


  • They rarely appear in the ScareScraper which is quite odd despite all the furniture they can hide in on each floor
  • The painting in the Gloomy Manor Studio shows a Hider, albeit with a mustache humorously painted on it
  • The Hiders are essentially (in behavior) little more than a long-range variant of the Garbage Can ghost, albeit with the trade off of lesser health for greater speed.