Ice Age Exhibit
250px-LMDM Ice Age Exhibit
Area Treacherous Mansion
Normal Ghosts Some Sneakers

The Ice Age Exhibit is a room inside of the Treacherous Mansion in Luigi's Mansion 2 located in the northwest section of the mansion. Inside, there is a large statue of a mammoth, three big air conditioners to keep the room cold, a big icy cave with a Toad trapped inside of a painting along with a Treasure Chest, also there is an E-Gate on the right of the room. The main type of ghosts that appear in this room are Sneakers, but in mission E-5 Paranormal Chaos, other types of ghosts can appear too.


  • The room takes up 2 floors of space.
  • The room is themed after the Secret Mine (and has same music).
  • There are three ways to exit this room.