Jarvis Gold
Full Name Jarvis, the Jar Collector
Age Unknown
Biography He loves antique jars so much that he now lives in one. He can hardly contain himself!
Room Ceramics Studio
Life 100

“Whadda ya think o' me jar collection, then?”
Jarvis, Luigi's Mansion


Jarvis, the Jar Collector (Japanese: シボーン Shibōn), is an antique jar collecting ghost of unknown age. Apparently, Jarvis loves jars so much, he now lives inside one. Luigi first discovered Jarvis in the Ceramics Studio on the third floor of Luigi's Mansion. Although Luigi did not need to capture Jarvis to save his brother, the green-clad plumber could earn a Silver Diamond and two Gold Bars if he bested the portrait ghost in combat.


After entering the studio, Luigi quickly explored the jar-filled room. After examining the area around the far wall, Jarvis appeared from one of the jars and challenged Luigi to a Whac-A-Mole-style game. If Luigi could hit Jarvis with blasts of ice seven times, the jar collecting ghost would allow the hero to fight him. After collecting an Ice Elemental Ghost, Luigi shot icy mist at Jarvis as the ghost warped to different jars around the room. After seven hits, Jarvis was ready for the real test to begin.

Angered by losing the game, Jarvis started levitating ceramic jars and mentally throwing them at Luigi, dealing five damage for every hit. Luigi countered by sucking up Jarvis with the Poltergust 3000. Eventually, Luigi overcame Jarvis' medium pull and captured the portrait ghost. After collecting the ghost's valuable treasure, Luigi continued his search for his captured brother.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
FrenchJarvisHis name comes from the word Jarre
GermanVasilyHis name is a pun on the word Vase


  • Jarvis' name is an obvious pun on the word "jar".
  • Jarvis is shown being three different colors in. He looks red on screen, purple in his silver and bronze portraits, and pink in his gold portrait.
  • Jarvis is the only non-boss Portrait Ghost whose heart can't be checked at all. If the player tries to scan his heart, no line will pop up. The same happens if they try to scan a normal ghost's heart.
  • Defeating Jarvis is completely optional. The game can still be completed if Luigi did not capture him.
  • Jarvis appears to be an octopus, which in Japanese media are frequently depicted dwelling in ceramic pots.
  • Jarvis appears to be Scottish, as the way he speaks and the words he uses are reminiscent of Scottish dialect.
  • If Luigi turns down his challenge, Jarvis will say, "Filthy annoying plumber. Go back to yer pipes!" and will teleport Luigi to the third-floor hallway.