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Kazumi Totaka is a composer from Nintendo who mainly works with Nintendo EAD. He's done the musical points or score to many games, including Super Mario Land 2, Mario PaintLuigi's Mansion, and many more. Surprisingly, he is also very popular doing the soundtrack to the Animal Crossing series. He does the voices of Professor E. Gadd and Yoshi.

Totaka's soundtracks/songs

There is an interesting piece of music that Totaka has sneaked into almost all of the games he's composed. Although it is not widely known, players can listen to a secret track of Totaka's after meeting certain conditions. The Mario games it has been spotted in are:

  • Super Mario Land 2 - On the "Game Over" screen, after 2 minutes and 30 seconds Totaka's song will play.
  • Virtual Boy Wario Land - On the end screen that appears after the credits, the track plays after a minute and 15 seconds
  • Mario Paint - The player can touch the O in the word MARIO, when on the main screen. After that, the O will explode like a bomb, and Totaka's song will play. Compared to other games with the song, this is not very well hidden.
  • Yoshi's Story - On the Trial Mode screen, Totaka's song will take over after 2 minutes and 10 seconds.
  • Luigi's Mansion - On the screen showing the controls of the Poltergust (this appears before training mode), the song plays after 3.5 minutes (105 seconds) of idleness
  • Yoshi Touch & Go - In Marathon Mode, once the player reaches a mountainous area where clouds are being blown away, a 3 minute and 45 second pause leads to the song.

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