Laundry Room
Area Area Two
Normal Ghosts Purple Puncher; White and Red Grabbing Ghosts
Boo Boogie

The Laundry Room (Japanese: 洗濯部屋 Laundry Room) is a room that can be found and cleared by Luigi in the second area of Luigi's Mansion.


Using the Key he got from the Fortune-Teller's Room, Luigi unlocked and entered the Laundry Room. Immediately upon entry, he noticed two doors, one on the front wall and one on the back. When he looked at the door on the back wall closer up, Luigi discovered it was fake and burned it away using his Fire Element. Then the ghosts attacked. Luigi made short work of them all and scoured the room for treasure, including that in the green treasure chest he received for beating the ghosts. When Luigi opened the washing machine, he found Mario's Cap, the first of five items he would need to bring to Madame Clairvoya.


The Laundry Room is a small, cramped room. Nonetheless, it has space for a washing machine, laundry basket, cabinet, and a small bucket complete with mop and cleaning supplies on a high shelf.

Ghosts in The Laundry Room in the PAL Hidden Mansion

Ghosts in The Laundry Room during the blackout


  • If Luigi scans the washer, it will say that Mario just throws his hat in the washing machine, while Luigi hand-washes his own hat.
  • If this room is cleared, Shivers will be the oly portrait ghost in a lightened room