The Library
Area Gloomy Manor
Normal Ghosts Three Poltergeists
Boo Ooga Booga
The Library is a room from Luigi's Mansion 2 and was also one of the rooms playable in the E3 2011 demo of the game.


In Luigi's Mansion 2, the Library is the location of three Poltergeists with 50 HP each. It has been shown that Luigi is able to higher area of the room. Once you enter the room you will immediately start the fight with the boss. After which you will be called by Professor E. Gadd who will tell you that you have completed your mission, you will then be beamed out. It has been shown that you will be able to reach the higher areas of the Library in the full version of the game or possibly while revisiting the Mansion.

The Library is a fairly large room with many large stacks of books filling the room. In the center of the room lies the fire place with a picture over top as well as a large piano in the corner of the room.

Enemies in the Library

  • Telekinetic Ghost (Boss) with 75HP