Boos are undead ghost enemies that reappear in Luigi's Mansion 2. As Luigi travels through the five mansions, there are Boos lurking around in each mission. There are 33 Boos in total (including King Boo). 22 appear normally, hidden within the missions. The remaining 10 Boos are the Boos that make up Big Boo in mission E-4. During the entire game, only 12 Boos are required (2 if Big Boo is not counted), however capturing every Boo in each mansion will unlock the bonus missions in
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Artwork of a Boo.

each mansion. Each Boo requires the use of the Dark-Light Device to find missing objects. By collecting all of the Spirit Balls from the object, the Boo will appear. To defeat a Boo, uncover it with the Dark-Light Device, and pull on its tongue with the Poltergust 5000. Once the power gauge is charged up, release the Boo and it will bounce all over the room. Each time it runs into a wall, floor, or ceiling, it will lose 1 HP. After depleting its health to 0, the Boo will be able to be captured.

The following chart shows the mission the Boo appears in, each Boo's name, how much HP it has, what room it's found in, and how to reveal it.

Gloomy Manor

Mission Image Name HP Room How to Reveal
A-1: Poltergust 5000 Lmdmboo2-275x165 Boogie Woogie

"Boo-ha-ha! I'm Boogie Woogie! Hang ten, green-hatted dude!"

20 Garage Use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a wheel leaning on the cabinets close to the door.
A-2: Gear Up Lmdmboo4-275x165 BaBoon

"I'm BaBoon! Let's go boo-nanas!"

20 Mudroom Use the Dark-Light Device on a small table at the front of the room.
A-3: Quiet Please! Lmdmboo6-275x165 Boo Boo

"Oopsie. I made a Boo Boo"

20 Studio There's a sheet floating in the middle of the room. This sheet is covering the canvas that must be revealed to catch the Boo.
A-4: Visual Tricks Lmdmboo7-275x165 Unnamed Boo 15 Dining Room Reveal the table in the center of the room. This Boo is required to complete the mission.
A-5: Sticky Situation Lmdmboo10-275x165 Ooga Booga

"Ooga Booga! Did I scare you? My name's...wait for it...Ooga Booga!"

20 Library Reveal the missing piano in the top right of the room.

Haunted Towers

Mission Image Name HP Room How to Reveal
B-1: A Job for a Plumber Lmdmhtboo2-275x165 MamBoo

"A one, and a two, and we all love ManBoo! Except for you!"

25 Hydro Generator Reveal the cabinets at the back of the far right side of the room. Afterwards check the cabinets to find the Boo.
B-2: The Pinwheel Gate Lmdmhtboo4-275x165 Boolean

"Am I Boolean? True or false?"

25 Sewer Pull on the first pink plants outside of the door.
B-3: Graveyard Shift Lmdmhtboo5-275x165 Booluga

"I'm Booluga! I used to be covered in blubber, but then I went on a die-it!"

25 Crypt Reveal the vase on the right side of the room. There is another vase directly across from it to make it easier. Check the vase.
B-4: Pool Party Lmdmhtboo8-275x165 Boo B. Trap

"I always knew you'd fall for me! Boo B. Trap strikes again!

25 Family Room Uncover the painting in the middle of the left side of the room. Check the painting to turn it upright and the Boo will appear.
B-5: Doggone Key Lmdmhtboo10-275x165 French Boodle

"Yip yip! I'm French Boodle! Aren't I bootiful?

25 Tool Shed Reveal all of the missing furniture after coming back from the Garden.

Old Clockworks

Mission Image Name HP Room How to Reveal
C-1: A Timely Entrance Lmdmocboo2-275x165 ComBooter

"ComBooter says 01100010 01101111 01101111"

30 Warehouse Use the machine on the left side of the room on the Red Barrel from the right side of the room.
C-2: Underground Expedition Lmdmocboo4-275x165 Bootine

"Boo ha ha! I'm Bootine...with extra gravy!"

30 Quarry Reveal the bridge at the top of the room, where the two rock paths are.
C-3: Roundhouse Brawl Lmdmocboo6-275x165 Boodonkulous

"Boodonkulous is in the building! My name makes no sense..."

30 Kiln Room Capture all the ghosts in the room. It is not required that you catch the Boo, however it is part of the mission.
C-4: Play Catch Lmdmocboo7-275x165 JambooLaya

"Don't you dare call me Gumboo! My name be Jamboolaya!"

30 Clock Tower Gate Uncover the lantern to the right of the giant clock gate. on the cracked brick wall.
C-5: Piece at Last Lmdmocboo10-275x165 Boony Raboot

"Boo! You found me! Nobody hare except Boony Raboot!"

30 Crank Room In the alcove to the left with the two large gears, in the lower left of the room will be a hidden chest. Check it for a Boo.

Secret Mine

Mission Image Name HP Room How to Reveal
D-1: Cold Case Lmdmsmboo2-275x165 Boofoon

"Hey, who turned out the lights? I'm Boofoon!"

35 Terminal In the mirror of ice you'll see three arrows pointing towards a barrel that isn't there on Luigi's side. Reveal the barrel for a Boo.
D-2: Hit Rock Bottom Lmdmsmboo4-275x165 Booger

"I'm Booger! Why must you always pick on me?"

30 Chalet Use the Dark-Light Device on the hidden rocking chair by the fireplace.
D-3: Across the Chasm Lmdmsmboo6-275x165 ParaBoola

"I'm ParaBoola! A symmetrical open-plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side! I mean... BOO!

30 Deep Hall Uncover the kettle by the fire. Then push or pull it over the fire to find the Boo.

Treacherous Mansion

Mission Image Name HP Room How to Reveal
E-1: Front Door Key Lmdmtmboo2-275x165 Boolldog

"Arf, arf! Grrrrr... Better run from Boolldog!"

40 Underground Lab Turn the valve to maximum power to shock the suit of armor and reveal the Boo.
E-2: Double Trouble Lmdmtmboo3-275x165 Boopa Troopa

"Boopa Troopa, reporting for duty! The Boo armies are here, so you might as well surrender!"

35 Inner Courtyard Shoot the two Toads into the cages to lower them. The Boo will then appear. He is required to complete the mission.
E-3: A Train to Catch Lmdmtmboo6-275x165 Booreaucrat

"Ahem... I am Booreaucrat! This mansion is now under the ownership of King Boo, esquire. I take it you have the proper credentials to be here, including ID and mansion-roaming license? No? That's...unfortunate. You'll have to be penalized!

40 Dark Age Exhibit Using a Balloon Berry from the Study, fly to the top of the Dark Age Exhibit (use portals to get there). On the right side will be a Gold Balloon Berry. Collect all the coins in the shape of a Boo, and open the treasure chest that appears as a "reward". The Boo will be inside.
E-4: Ambush Maneuver Lmdmtmboo8-275x165 Big Boo

"Mwahahaha! Looking for someone? I may not be the King, but I sure am BIG! Big enough to crush you!"


Just shoot all the Boos into the train cars.

Train Exhibit Use the Dark-Light Device to uncover the front of the train. He'll appear himself. He is required to complete the mission.
E-5: Paranormal Chaos Lmdmtmboo10-275x165 MaraBoo

"I'm MaraBoo! Aren't my feathers classy?"

40 Aviation Exhibit Use the Dark-Light to find the hot-air balloon in the middle of the room.