These are the beta elements created for Luigi's Mansion:[1]

Beta Elements


Luigi's Mansion was shown at Spaceworld 2000 in a trailer, but no gameplay from this event is currently found. Despite this, some scenes and screenshot reveal what we're supposed to happen:

  • One scene shows lightning striking as the camera zooms into the mansion.
  • Luigi then enters, looks at the player, then turn around.
  • A blue ghost then appears, and begins to chase Luigi, horrifying him.
  • More ghosts would then join the blue ghost in tormenting Luigi.

Finally, a scene of three ghosts playing cards is visible. While this FMV isn't present in the final version, a screenshot is visible on the Ghost Portrificationizer.


In 2001, Luigi's Mansion was confirmed to be a full game, and would serve as the GameCube's launch title. A trailer was also released, showing scenes from the 2000 reel. This year is notable as the first time Luigi's Mansion gameplay is recorded.

  • The title screen had two options: Skip Intro, and From the Beginning.
  • If one were to click From the Beginning, it's revealed that the intro is different.
  • During gameplay, if Luigi stays idle for a while, he would crouch down.
  • E. Gadd had different dialogue, and his name was only spelt with one "d".


  • The Poltergust 3000 was originally known as the Poltergust 400, and had a more square design.
  • The Poltergust 3000 came with a heat meter, which looks like the elemental meter. If it reached 10, Luigi's vacuum would explode into flames, causing Luigi to lose HP.
  • At one point, Luigi would ride the Poltergust 3000 during a boss fight. This was kept in PAL regions for the Boolossus fight.

Game Boy Horror

  • The GBH originally had a timer. It was speculated that Luigi had 24 hours to save Mario, and if he didn't, he would be depressed, as shown at the end of the E3 trailer. In reality, it was just a timer for the demo, so kids wouldn't hog the line. A video shows the timer reaching 1:30 before E. Gadd would send Luigi back to the title screen. In Nintendo Power screenshots, it was revealed that outside the demo would feature a first person perspective.
  • Surrounding the clock was the border which detected ghosts and Boos. This was later changed to a light on the Gameboy Horror


  • Gold Ghosts were pinkish white.
  • Blue Twirlers were originally yellow.
  • Boos weren't supposed to be captured, and just floated around in dark rooms.
  • In the Bathroom, Miss Petunia was absent, but her shadow wasn't.
  • Bashers were scrapped from the game entirely. For more info, see Basher.
  • Nintendo Power rumored a boss in the Safari Room who wanted to cut off Luigi's head. For more info, see Safari Room Boss (Beta Only).
  • Early screenshots reveal a boss in the Kitchen, who would throw tomatoes at Luigi. This would be used by Hiders in the second game.
    • Oddly, the games files house a tomato model complete with textures
  • Bosses only had 50HP.


  • The Foyer was known as Entrance, and had a door on the right of the door to the Parlor which would lead to Area 3. The name was kept for Japanese releases.
  • The Parlor was known as Living Room, and the door to the Anteroom was boarded up.
  • The Master Bedroom was known as Bedroom 1 and had two beds. Ghosts also had to be four before fighting Lydia.
  • The Nursery was known as the Child's Room, and the door was a heart shape, like the doors to the different areas.
  • The Twins' Room had a heart shaped door, and the inside featured a dangling fixture of bats.


  • Many objects are visible in the files.
  • There are four different dialogue icons for Bowser, Mario, a Ghost, and Green Toad.
  • There are three renders of Luigi for the game's ending. Each is for a great, good, and bad rank.
  • There is an unused animation of a choking Luigi. The strange thing about this is that it uses the design of the beta Luigi and has a depressed face texture
  • There is an unused model of Mario with vacuum straps, likely to be used for a scrapped multiplayer
    • The Second game has multiplayer, however they are just recolors of Luigi

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