Luigi's Mansion Arcade is a game that was released in June of 2015 in Japanese Arcades only. The game was developed by Capcom and published by Sega under license from Nintendo, and is the first time Luigi has had a major role in an arcade game since Mario Bros from 1983.

Luigi mansion arcade1

Picture of Luigi's Mansion Arcade machine

The game is based off of Luigi's Mansion 2, and uses the same ghosts from the game. It takes place inside three levels, the Gloomy Manor, the Old Clockworks, and the Treacherous Mansion as the final stage that are all from Luigi's Mansion 2. The ghosts that appear in the game are the Greenie, Slammer, Hider, Gobber, Creeper, Strong Ghost Forms, Boos, and Polterpups all appear in the game, and Polterpups give you the most points out of any ghost you capture in the game. The Arcade Machine itself is a sit down arcade machine, similar to arcade games like Need For Speed VS, and Omega Race, also instead of a normal joystick as the controller it uses Luigi's Poltergust 5000 that grips into your hands light a light-gun, and the flashlight is also combined with the Poltergust 5000. It is also a two player game as well, so you can grab a friend to play with you and capture some ghosts!


The game is in first-person perspective with a 55 inch (1.397m) LCD screen display.

Luigi mansion arcade111

In-Game screenshot of Luigi's Mansion Arcade

The main goal of the game is to capture as many ghosts as you can without dying (Losing your three hearts) and rack up as many points as possible in each level of the game. And there are also tasks within the game for collecting Coins and items for each level, if these tasks are completed the player (Luigi) will recieve bonus points at the end of the level. The ways you can get hurt include getting punched by Greenies or Slammers, and having objects thrown at you by Hiders. Luigi is controlled automatically my the game as you use the Poltergust 5000 to capture ghosts.


  • Luigi's Mansion Arcade was only available in Japanese arcades, but now is avaliable world wide.
  • This game is very similar to the ScareScraper in Luigi's Mansion 2.
  • Professor E. Gadd gives the player instructions on how to use the Poltergust 5000.
  • Mario, and Toad do not appear in the game.
  • The final stage in the Treacherous Mansion includes a big boss fight with King Boo.

Extra Photos

The Following Photos were taken by Reddit user RegionFree:


Photo of Arcade Machine in Japanese mall.


A behind the glass, front-view of the game.


An inside look of the game displaying the two Poltergust 5000's.


Luigi's Mansion Arcade Gameplay

Luigi's Mansion Arcade Gameplay

Plush Time Wins Productions!

The 1st YouTube video was uploaded by Plush Time Wins:
ルイージマンションアーケード 二人で初見プレイ

ルイージマンションアーケード 二人で初見プレイ

Translation: A first look at Luigi's Mansion Arcade Multiplayer.

The 2nd YouTube video was uploaded by Thumb.S:

The 3rd YouTube video was uploaded by Luffy wasabi: (SPOILERS)


Translation: Tired friends and Luigi's Mansion Arcade (Final Stage)