Mirror Room
Mirror Room
Area Area Two
Normal Ghosts Blue Grabbing Ghost
Boo Kung Boo

The Mirror Room (Japanese: 鏡の部屋 Mirror Room) is one of the many rooms inside Luigi's Mansion. It can be cleared by Luigi in the second area. It's also the room where Luigi can find the Fire Elemental Medal.


Luigi decided to skip the Fortune-Teller's Room for the time being and proceeded forward. Immediately after Luigi set foot inside the Mirror Room, the door sealed behind him. As the would-be ghostbuster explored, a Blue Grabbing Ghost made itself noticeable. The ghost was invisible, but fortunately, its reflection was visible in the long mirror on the north wall that stretched the entire length of the room. Luigi used this hint to capture the ghost and all five of its friends the same way. The room was brightened, and a large red chest appeared. When Luigi opened the chest, he saw a red medal with a picture of a flame on it. Luigi acquired the Fire Element Medal, which allowed him to be able to capture Fire Elemental Ghosts, and subsequently expel fire from his Poltergust 3000.

The mere possession of the medal was not enough to allow the poor plumber to exit the room however, so contemplating what to do next, Luigi captured a Fire Elemental Ghost from a torch conveniently located in the room. Doing so, Luigi noticed a candelabra near the torch, its candles unlit. Using his newly acquired power, the green-hatted Mario brother blew fire at the candles, lighting them. Another candelabra stood near the door, and Luigi did the same, lighting the candles, which finally unsealed the door, allowing Luigi to continue on his quest to save Mario.

The Mirror Room is a long room, but doesn't contain much. There are two chandeliers, two candelabra, as well as a torch. A small drawer and a painting on the east wall complete the room.

Ghosts in The Mirror Room during the blackout

  • Five Grabbing Ghosts (20 HP each)


  • Strangely, Luigi continues to look up at the ceiling at the west side of the room. It is unknown why.
  • Surprisingly, although the main purpose of this room is the mirror, it's actually the only mirror in the whole game that can't be used to teleport back to the Foyer on the first floor. This is to prevent Luigi from skipping or dropping out the battle with the two invisible Grabbing Ghosts.
  • This is the first elemental medal obtainment room in the game.